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Oliver Moore | September 18, 2020 | Updated on: February 6th, 2024

Updated on February 6th, 2024 at 10:21 pm

Online Blackjack – Gambling of Fun and Skill in Australia

Blackjack is an iconic game among Australian players. It is one of the “classic trio” casino games: Blackjack, Roulette, and Poker. The simplicity of real blackjack online rules makes it highly appealing to beginners. It might take time to become a real pro, but you can master the basics easily. Prepare to immerse into online game of blackjack with Spin Paradise.

Top Australia Online Blackjack Casinos 2024

Online Blackjack Real Money Treat for Your Pocket

Real money blackjack gambling rush capture your whole attention and give you incredible moments of success, fun, and joy. Still, your prior goal is victory, playing blackjack online provides you with a great chance to enlarge your capital.

Australian Real money casino entertainment bears certain risks, so it’s crucial to consider several blackjack site issues to guard your experience:

  1. Availability. Australia has strict online gambling legislation making it hard for casino sites to provide services. Check whether your chosen real money blackjack sites actually accept Aussies and grant them full functionality.
  2. Online blackjack Aus bonuses. The best Australia online casinos introduce a welcome bonus, other deposit bonus offers, loyalty programs, and special promotions to motivate blackjack online Australia players to spend more time on real money games. A sign up bonus and other blackjack bonuses enhance your winning potential.
  3. Online Casino qualities. Trustworthy Australia online blackjack sites hold proper license and audit certificates. They secure players’ data and transactions with SSL encryption and collect positive reviews on online casino forums. These are considered top destinations to play blackjack online.
  4. Variety of real money blackjack games. Australian online casinos support blackjack variants with different nuances as well as live blackjack, and you should be able to pick your favourite real money blackjack titles. A decent online blackjack casino will also introduce free blackjack demo versions to test exciting features.

On top of it, top online blackjack casino provides 24/7 user support and availability via your computer or mobile device. Matching all these criteria will build a strong base to play real money blackjack games fairly and victoriously.

Mastering Blackjack Rules: How to Play Blackjack Online

All online blackjack games represent a player and casino competition. Regardless of the number of participants around a blackjack table, they compete against the live dealer. Twenty one is another common name for blackjack variants because every gamer strives for this number, hence the best possible result.

Blackjack casino games start with betting and distributing cards. Each participant receives two open cards, while the croupier gets one card face up and one face down. Both sides estimate their chances and move as they believe to be right. You may proceed with:

  • Stand – nothing happens with your cards.
  • Hit – you claim one more card as often as you decide without getting 22 or more.
  • Double Down – you raise your initial bet twice.
  • Split Pairs – you divide your even cards into two combos.
  • Blackjack Surrender – you return half of your initial bet and leave the round.

Upon making all moves, the final hand evaluation in online blackjack games defines a winner.

Real Money Blackjack Successful Results

Three outcomes will totally satisfy you when you opt to play online blackjack games in Australia:

  1. you gain 21 points at once;
  2. you receive more points than the dealer but less than 21;
  3. the dealer gets a number of points exceeding 21.

Any of these situations will grant you victory and AUD real money payouts.

Australia Online Blackjack Card Values

Like in all other casino games with cards, you must learn how to estimate your hand in real money blackjack.

    • Cards with figures from 2 to 10 give as many points as their number indicates.
    • Cards with faces (J, Q, and K) provide you with 10 points.
    • Aces add to your hand 11 points but also 1 point in case the first variant gets you above 21.

The dealer must act according to his count. If the count is less than 17, he hits; if not, he stands. However, you have your own will. By making proper expectations about your hand value, you master your skills and play real money blackjack more prosperously.

Blackjack Online

Casino Blackjack Online Variations to Match Aussie Preferences

Fans of the 21 casino games have multiple variants to explore whenever they join Aussie blackjack casinos. Considering the rules you relish playing games with, your real money budget, and your readiness to accept risks, you may enjoy the best online blackjack with the most suitable features.

Most Australian online casinos supply variations from single deck blackjack to eight deck one. This quantity influences the house edge even if all other rules are identical. Standard rules include alternatives of the dealer hitting or standing soft 17 and peeking on Aces or ten. Blackjack can be paying 3 to 2 or 6 to 5. Other rules on blackjack sites allow or not allow gamers to have side bets, double on any pair of cards, double after a split, resplit, and surrender.

Classic Blackjack

Classic blackjack known as American blackjack has probably the largest fan base in Australia and all over the world. It is a standard online blackjack as we know it and follows the basic rules. It appeared at a land based casino and developed into the online gambling industry as both an original version with the dealer’s hole card and multiple alternatives. Online casinos can sometimes provide it with a single deck.

European Blackjack

European blackjack hits the top of the most popular blackjack game variants despite the fact that some players may find it quite challenging. It usually applies 2 decks, enhancing the player’s advantage, but simplicity stops there.

The dealer gains one open card and another open one after gamers have completed their hands. No face-down card means the dealer cannot peek for blackjacks. Players have few options for splitting and doubling and no advantage for unsuccessful moves due to the peek absence. The dealer also stands on soft 17.

Atlantic City Blackjack

Many blackjack sites featured Atlantic City as a popular 8-deck variation of blackjack games. Aussies also love it due to the low house edge. It follows the basic rules of the classic game and possesses extra enticing features.

This version combined most features that make the game more favourable to the player. The dealer peeks on 10-value cards and aces and also stands on soft 17. You don’t risk money on splits and double downs. The late surrender is also in place.

Perfect Blackjack

Perfect blackjack is a variation of blackjack games that allows Australian players to place up to five main bets and up to five side bets. The most special feature is the Blackjack Perfect Pairs side bet.

You can lay it before distributing any cards. The bet wins if your first two received cards make a pair – they should have identical numerical and face value. It also comes in three different types paying out at different odds.

Blackjack Switch

One of the most interesting versions of multi-hand blackjack is blackjack switch. Its house edge equals 0.58% if you use the optimal strategy. Its main feature is that the gamer are able to switch the top cards of his hands, creating new better ones.

If the dealer gains 22 points, this event creates a tie with any of your hands unless you’ve got a natural blackjack. You must make no less than two hands to play blackjack online in this version and proceed with doubling down only after switching.

Australia Live Dealer Blackjack Games: Explore Your Benefits

The real casino mode allows Australian gamers to play live blackjack casino games with the most advantages of the land-based casino facility sitting at home with no risk. The main mission of any live games e-platform is to provide a vivid gambling ambience of a Las Vegas brick and mortar casino around the gamer.

The best online blackjack sites in Australia allow you to play live blackjack and other live dealer games while:

      1. accessing to live dealer games whenever and wherever you want;
      2. communicating with other participants in the live chat;
      3. getting a real professional live dealer to guide the game and answer your questions real-time;
      4. having a wider choice of betting limits, conditions, styles, and online blackjack bet options;
      5. benefiting from blackjack bonuses like a welcome bonus or other free blackjack opportunities;
      6. practising mobile blackjack or tablet gaming.

Australian best online blackjack sites invest in quality and branding. They offer private live blackjack tables with special promotions that are sometimes challenging for Aussies to find.

Top 5 Real Money Live Blackjack Games to Discover

Regarding Australian legit blackjack online gaming, Spin Paradise happily offers you the selection of live dealer blackjack games that combine the best software, streaming quality, croupier’s competence, and the general entertainment degree.

The list comprises Infinite Blackjack by Evolution Gaming, Vivo Gaming Live Dealer Blackjack, Lucky Streak’s Live Blackjack, Blackjack VIP Diamond and Blackjack Grand VIP also by Evolution Gaming.

All these wonderful live dealer blackjack titles have a spot at multiple reputable live casinos. You access them via PC and mobile devices and even collect a deposit bonus to encourage your real money winning potential.

Low Stakes and High Stakes Live Blackjack Games

The modern Australian online gambling market lets you play blackjack online with any budget you can afford. Various blackjack sites with live games support tables with tremendously wide real money betting ranges.

If you are not willing to risk huge money and live blackjack at online casinos attracts you more as fun and entertainment, you are up to low stakes games. They allow you to bet from a few cents to a few dollars and relish a calm atmosphere.

High stakes live blackjack tables welcome high rollers to play online blackjack for money with much intense competition and rush. Minimal bets are high for an average player and especially for a beginner. When you play blackjack online with serious real money like thousands of dollars, you can expect the tremendous risk of losses but also get a chance for life-changing payouts.

Online Blackjack Strategy: Play Blackjack for Money Online like a Winner

Unlike online pokies, your move as a gamer of blackjack sites is crucially important and you can try influencing the game for your own benefit. The main existing method is known as the basic blackjack strategy.

It shows you an optimal way of making decisions according to the revealed dealer card. It minimizes the losses that you may experience playing blackjack online. The basic method delivers the chart where the line of your potential hands crosses the column of the dealer’s card. Each intersection shows a particular move.

Even newbies may benefit in blackjack, following some easy pieces of advice:

      • Split a pair of 8s as one of the worst hands possible;
      • Double down a pair of 5s and a value of 10 or 11;
      • Stand if your hand is 17 and more;
      • Hit when you get from 12 to 16 and the dealer gains more than 7.

Just like other casino games with cards, you can influence online blackjack outcomes with proper moves.

General Tips for Real Money Games of Online Blackjack

Some common blackjack tips are to improve your practice at online games:

      • Study the terms of blackjack games by heart, not hesitate.
      • Play real money blackjack at Australian casinos with fewer decks used, soft 17, more possibilities to double down, and other extra features.
      • Choose blackjack casinos with the highest RTP.
      • Try playing blackjack online without making an insurance bet;
      • Improve your skills first by playing free blackjack games at online casinos.
      • Establish a strict budget for real money blackjack games. Limit time at Australian online blackjack sites to avoid unnecessary risks and losses.
      • Search for a better sign-up bonus and other deposit bonus opportunities to boost real money flow.

Implying tips increases your chances and makes the blackjack game even more entertaining.

Essential Terms for Playing Blackjack Online

Regardless of you decision to play online blackjack for real money or as free games, your excellence depends on your knowledge of game essentials:

      • Blackjack – the maximum winning combination that equals 21 made up of an ace and a 10 or picture card.
      • Bust – losing a hand when it exceeds 21.
      • Even money – a side bet 1 to 1 for a gamer with a natural when the dealer has an open ace before the start of the draw.
      • Five-card Charlie – a hand with five cards that together value less than 21.
      • Hard hand – a hand without an ace.
      • Hole card – a card lying face down on the table.
      • Insurance bet – a side bet that pays 2 to 1 protecting a player from the dealer’s blackjack if the dealer’s open card is an ace.
      • Natural – a blackjack dealt immediately.
      • Stiff – a situation when your hand is close to 21 and risks busting with the next Hit.

Learning the language of the game is the start of becoming the best online blackjack player. Being sure of blackjack terms gives you an advantage and you can faster win real money on any blackjack site.

Online Blackjack Australia Trends for 2024

Modern Australian online blackjack casinos catalogue various highly traditional and inventive game variations. Any Australian user can discover the option to match their heart and mind.

This year brings even more development for blackjack in online casinos. Spin Paradise experts look forward to several trends in the blackjack future.

    1. Aussie Gambling platforms will invent more special and unique blackjack bonus offers and promotions. You have to expect unique welcome bonuses and loyalty offers.
    2. The industry also develops live blackjack gaming and will soon provide even more engaging experiences with new technologies like VR.
    3. Finally, mobile blackjack is becoming more demanded in gambling circles, and Australian online casino brands pay extra attention to providing more user-friendly and beneficial mobile services to play blackjack.
  • Is online blackjack legal in Australia?

    Online Blackjack is one of the most popular games at Australian casinos. But operating online gambling sites in Australia is illegal. It is also illegal to provide an online casino to Aussies or provide games for real money. But at the same time, it is not illegal for players to partake in these games.
  • Does Card Counting Work for Online Blackjack?

    Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to count the cards online. This method works when the used cards are removed from the deck, allowing the player to calculate at least approximately what cards are left and act accordingly. As a rule, in online blackjack, all cards are returned to the deck after the game.
  • Can you win money playing blackjack online?

    Despite the advantage of online casinos over players, blackjack is the friendliest game that allows you to win and receive money. This is not just a game of chance, like, for example, real money roulette, it requires experience, skill, knowledge of the rules, and a systematic approach.
  • Is online blackjack safe to play for Aussies?

    Australians are allowed to play on international online casinos. The government takes an issue with the sites themselves and their ability to market to Australians and wants to license overseas providers itself, but the players have no part in the legal battle that could ensue. Players are free to choose whatever sites are available to them and compete in online table games, virtual slot machines, and poker games.
  • Do online casinos cheat at blackjack?

    The dealing cards cannot be predicted in advance or adjusted, since they appear randomly generated by the computer technique, so no one can influence the outcome. The online game totally follows computer algorithms. A trusted online casinos licensed by auditors cares about the reputation and will never deceive customers.